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  1. It’s white we’re worlds apart. I’m in Amarillo, Texas
  2. Where are you located? Like myself, there’s plenty of people that would do a straight trade for your non-step bumper
  3. F*****g love it. Quality ss clamps/cans>steel filler/painted mild steel muffs. Everything else equal, I’d gladly pay $400 more for a used truck with borla set up like yours over your run of the mill flowmaster meineke/midas special
  4. I wanted mandrel bends and ss piping. I called around and was unable to find a shop in my area with a mandrel bender. The smooth bends are much more pleasing to look without a rusty bead of mild steel welds. Very few people, other than me, will ever take a look underneath my truck but I’m particular about my vehicles. $180 is more than I would have liked to pay for pipe and clamps. I’ll write it off as business expense.
  5. I searched and couldn’t find any info so I’m sorry if it’s been covered before. Magnaflow p/n 19476 for 19+ trucks fit our trucks.
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