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  1. I just installed the motofab 2.5" kit and had trouble getting the mounting flanges rotated. I put the strut in my standard vice (protected the flange with a welding glove). I will say that getting it to rotate in the bushing was difficult. I actually broke my old vice. It wouldn't lock in place any longer and rotated with the strut so I made a harbor freight run to get a new vice. You could mount the strut at the top and rotate the flange with a really big adjustable wrench. I actually did the first side this way after the vice broke. It might be the best way since you can see the angle needed. Just be careful not to bend the top mount or bolts. I'm telling you - mine were hard to turn. My truck has 12k miles on it so maybe a newer one would be easier. My only trouble with the rear blocks was getting the frame lifted high enough to get the 2" gap needed to install the blocks. Install videos make it look easy, but I don't have a frame lift like EVERYONE on youtube does.
  2. I went ahead and removed mine about a week ago and saw no drop in mpg.
  3. I was going to remove mine because I've hit it numerous times but noticed that the skid plate is the same height (measured with tape) from the ground so I have decided to leave it for now. It will at least give me a warning that I'm about to hit the skid plate if I continue forward.
  4. Thank you sir that will help. Do you have a gooseneck hitch installed? I’m wondering if it will get in the way of installing the airbags or motolift. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I just ordered the wireless one compressor. Can you post a photo of where you mounted it?
  6. I looked for the 1" but couldn't confirm it would fit the 2020 so I ordered the 2" instead.
  7. I ordered the front 2.5"/rear 2" and shock extenders yesterday. I'm still running the original 265 65 18 tires so it will look a little funny until I get new ones after these wear out. Only 7800 miles on them so I can't bring myself to replace them yet even though they look like passenger car tires to me. I saw a set of BFG AT in 275 65 18 on facebook marketplace for $950 with original 18" chevy rims. Good tread but I have the same rims. Ullose272, what did you pay for the TB take offs and how did you locate them? I like those black rims much better than the brushed aluminum I have. Something else that occurred to me is if I go with loadrange E tires and run more pressure (something like 50psi) isn't that going to have my TPMS erroring out all the time? That could get annoying.
  8. I love that stance. What shoe size and style are you running? I'm considering this lift package along with airbags for better towing performance. Does your truck have a factory suspension lift?
  9. Unclebud87, you are the first person I have heard of that is doing something similar to what I do with my truck. I just downsized from a 3/4 ton diesel too. I bought a 2020 silverado 1500 4x4 LTZ about 3 months ago, installed a B&W turnoverball gooseneck hitch and hauled hay with it. I have a 36' gooseneck inline round bale trailer that probably weighs around 13k loaded. I only haul a few miles and only about 5 days a year so I couldn't justify keeping the diesel for no more work than that. I take it slow and easy and travel backroads only never getting over 35 mph. Surprisingly I had no trouble stopping it. I have been researching airbags and lifts because the rear sags a lot when towing with the gooseneck (also have a 16' gooseneck stock trailer). The boat doesn't squat the rear hardly at all (about 4k I'd say) but both gooseneck trailers do. Heck just hooking up a gooseneck trailer empty it's already sagging. I am trying to find out if there are any problems combining a leveling kit with rear airbags and maybe rear 2" blocks and towing heavy. I guess yours came with a 2" suspension lift so you probably haven't leveled it huh? I'm also a little worried about the light tires that came on mine and will probably step up to loadrange E 33's once I need new ones. I just can't bring myself to take off good tires and replace them. My stock tires are 265/65/18. Are you running 10 ply tires? I want the leveling kit and rear blocks to get better ground clearance and fit larger tires. I've already bottomed the front crossing a creek that I used to do in my old truck no problem. And don't get me started on that front air dam. I've hit it way too many times for this to be a 4x4. I can't tell from the photo, what front grill guard do you have? Any help is appreciated.
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