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  1. My AT4 is only a few weeks old, but I love the 3.0 thus far. It has plenty of power if I want to get on it, but can get excellent gas mileage when I drive it normal. I’m not sure what type of off-roading you are in to, but the AT4 is made as GMC’s off-road package. No I’m not saying that the AT4 can beat out a Raptor’s capability, but if you watch different video’s and reviews, it is capable of doing what most people are looking to do, especially with the the torque package that the 3.0 offers. As for the look/stand out factor. I have been asked numerous times what my truck is, what year it is, and other questions as it catches the eye. Again, all just my opinion, but for the all around package, I think the AT4 would be hard to beat.
  2. I am curious, although I haven’t found any of the covers available yet, if one were to delete the turbo resonator to help get more of that diesel whistle, if that would void a warranty? It does not change performance, so I wouldn’t think so.
  3. How is RC? I’ve heard negative things about them, but they are one of the main players in the suspension market.
  4. Seems like a, “six of one, half dozen of the other”, situation. Right now dealers are giving more for trades, but are not discounting/negotiating on new truck prices much. It just depends on your situation. If you are buying without having something of quality to trade, it is probably not a great time to buy.
  5. It is a sellers market at the moment, only due to low inventory. The plants shut down for a while, stopping production, and now the plants can’t keep up with the demand. I do not think you will see much change until the true impact of the shut downs starts to hit; middle of next year or so would be my guess. You will eventually have companies that reopened, but are now destined to close, as they were not on strong footing prior to the shut downs, this will mainly be in retail, but will have a trickle down effect. That and once the mortgage deferments come due, coupled with the ending of the moratorium on evictions ends, things will start to become clearer on the true impact on the economy. If all of that becomes true, when manufacturers begin sending dealers their incentive goals based on the strong performance that is occurring right now, you will see dealerships hurting for sales. I hope that I’m wrong on the economy and this is not intended in one political direction or the other, but dealers do have the upper hand right now. There is also another thread on here where people post what they paid, this may help you get a better idea of what’s out there.
  6. Thank you, I don’t have the paperwork in front of me to remember the exact breakdown outside of the cash allowance, I was more focused on the overall price and having them figure out how to get there. Once I get my paperwork and pick my truck up, I’ll get an exact breakdown for everyone. An additional reminder, since they couldn’t/wouldn’t come down as much as I would have liked, I did get them to give me the warranty and paint protection near cost+$200, so just a reminder that those items are negotiable as well.
  7. I just pulled the trigger on a new AT4 1500, Pacific Blue. It is in transit, so no pictures yet. Not much room for negotiation due to low inventory, and the popularity of the AT4 package. They seem to only be on the lots out here, at most, for 3 weeks. I don’t have a complete breakdown at the moment, but: MSRP: 64,500 Price: 54,000 (included GMC rebate, and healthcare/first responder) + $75 doc fee (down from $499), then the standard tax/title/license (tax out here is over 8%). I also am having them throw in a cover for free. Overall I was hoping to get them down to 50/51k, but it just wasn’t going to happen.
  8. I’m curious though, if Sierras are the price they are currently compared to the Ram, with their big screen, what will the MSRP jump be if/when GMC adds a bigger technology/entertainment package?
  9. I’m curious if anyone has suggestions/experiences with any of the Phoenix area dealers? I’ll be looking to make a purchase in the next month or so, have been eyeing up an AT4 or Elevation X31 package. I’ve mainly been looking at Coulter, Liberty, and Henry Brown; however, I was not sure if anyone had experience with any of them, or who may be the most willing to move on price?
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