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  1. RMT Overland makes one, but it looks like they only sell it on a turn-key truck package. Maybe you can email and work something out...?
  2. I built one for my Tundra, and now I’m using it on my TB. Fit is close but not perfect as I made it to bolt to the Toyota bed rail system. Made my own because I wanted a low profile design... and because I’m cheap. Can definitely hold an rtt, but I like it to hold stuff while the dogs ride below in beds under the mesh tarp. Pic with no basket is Tundra
  3. Went from a ‘17 Tundra to ‘20 Trail Boss LT 5.3l in July... so far better gas mileage is the only real plus for me. The transmission up shifts pretty smooth, but it is sometimes rough on the 3-2, 2-1 down shifts. Haven’t towed with it yet.
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