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  1. The LT brings in chrome that I did not want. I think it is great there are so many options and packages to choose from.
  2. Leveled 2 inches. 20X10 with -24 offset. 12.5.x35x20 Toyo AT3's. Fab Fours Matrix front bumper.
  3. My new 2500HD Custom. Leveled with 20X10 Wicked Off road wheels -24 offset. 12.5X35X20 Toyo AT3's. Fab Fours Matrix front bumper. Love it so far! Ol'Rob
  4. I don't know about the fog lights. I am putting a Fab Fours Matrix bumper on mine.
  5. Good Morning. I too have a new Custom series truck. I knew there was not a console storage before I made the deal.. I chose to replace the flip down armrest with GM part #84756948. This is a $300 part that ships complete. Still no bottom storage, but better and a whole lot less money than a LT. Hope this helps. Rob
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