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  1. Took the truck for an oil change and the guys spotted an drivers inside front axle seal leak. They had the parts and were able to get it done today (surprise). Talking to the service guy and the mechanic, this isn't the first one they have done. Mechanic said he's done 8 - 10 himself. It was covered under warranty, but check your trucks. Get it dealt with before it becomes a problem.
  2. Can't tie directly into the cargo light wiring, there isn't enough voltage to that wire to power everything. You will need to use a relay and use the existing cargo light power as your trigger.
  3. Anyone using Pacbrake bags? Cheaper than Firestone and Airlift, but haven't seen any reviews of them
  4. I've wired a switch to disable the centre section of the tailgate. Just a water proof switch and it intercepts a wire in the harness to the tailgate. This is the link that I used to figure the wiring https://www.tailgatefix.com/pages/installation-faqs
  5. Have you used a relay or are you trying to power them directly off the cargo lights?
  6. Any idea how big of a card can be used? I have a 32GB in right now working, but tried a 128GB and won't work.
  7. It's just a switch. It interrupts the center tailgate switch so it won't drop down on the trailer hitch when it is installed.
  8. I noticed a big change in MPG after 5000kms. Was 14.5 to 15 l/100km city (15.5 to 16), now 12.5 to 13 (18 to 19). Highway was 12 to 12.5 (15.5 to 16), now 10.5 to 11 (21 to 22).
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