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  1. Hahaha ok, keyboard of shame... my wife went back and put her hand there, it's the tailgate... In her words, "wash your damn truck, dumbass" Admin: you can trash this post...
  2. I noticed today that about 1 inch at the bottom of the screen is cutoff only for the rear camera. It's clean and unobstructed. Has anyone come across this before? Picture attached. 2020 Silverado Duramax
  3. Nice!! Mystery officially solved... In my defense, it only appeared within the last few weeks during a software update... What I wish they did, is make a small modification to the little truck icons. When I'm towing, and adjust my bags, it's hard to tell whether the 1 or 2 degrees I'm out is to the front or back. The movement on the icon is so minuscule for that small amount of adjustment.
  4. Maybe it's to let us know that we're upright and not flipped on the roof. Haha
  5. I believe you're correct. Doesn't change whether 2, 4 or auto., forwards or reverse.. always there.. Seems kind of like a dumb idea if it's actually infact showing which is the front cuz you can see the back of the truck in the picture and the top wheels angle when you steer. Lol. Ohh well, I guess mystery solved...
  6. I just noticed this up arrow on the level/offroad section of the DIC. Anyone know what it means? I swear it just appeared recently... It doesn't change whether I'm facing up or down hill.
  7. I picked these up from the dollar store, under $5 bucks. Steel wire frame with a black fabric type material. works well for me...
  8. Yes. I have both 7 pin and flat trailer connectors. Was thinking it might be the option for trailer TPMS or trailer back up camera???
  9. Anyone know what this plug is for located behind the rear license plate?
  10. I had thought about running them from the stock lights, but I wanted independent control for when I am loading stuff inside, didnt want to have to bother with having to go inside and flip the switch... I ran a heavier gauge primary wire to the back, incase I need other power options back there, I can run to a fuse block and pull power to indpendent sources. I have a small tidy tank with an electric pump that I may put back in too, so im prepared...
  11. I ran power straight from the battery to the back of the truck and used a toggle switch in one of the stock holes in the side that goes into the side stake post, that's where I ran the wires and fused them. The led lights are just a generic set of lights that I found at my local parts store on clearance.
  12. So.... Just how much power does GM have with access to our vehicles ?? I reported my Auto Stop non-functional about 5 months ago, it's been into the dealer twice, both times they said it was working, and ta-da, it never worked... I messaged GM on Twitter, spoke to someone to place a complaint, they asked a bunch of info from me, then, this afternoon, out of the blue, the f**king Auto Stop started working... I drove to work, left it for 2hrs, came back and hit the stop sign and boom, auto stop.... WTF ???
  13. Added LED lights under the bed rail with a toggle switch utilizing a factory hole leading into the stake post hole, had to drill it a little bigger for my switch. Used the post hole for my wiring, fuse, etc... covers for the post holes coming soon, tonneau comes Monday.
  14. I'm in Canada, purchased them from Princess Auto. They are pretty standard, I'm sure can be picked up at most automotive stores. ( https://www.princessauto.com/en/6-pc-3-3-16-in-led-amber-clearance-marker-lights/product/PA0008186348 )
  15. Today I added LED grill lights. Simple and quick. I was able to find some led marker lights, $20 for a set of 6. I removed the back piece and soldered on some new leads. They fit perfectly between the grill openings at the top. Tapped into fuse #40 under the hood for power when ignition is on.
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