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  1. I have a '20 Silverado z71, very bouncy, more so when I have my travel trailer loaded. Put in airbags and it's a thousand times better. $600 (cdn$) from Amazon, installed myself in about 2hrs. The 17 Colorado i had previously, the suspension was way better.
  2. Another problem to add to my list. Only happens when I do the remote start. After I unlock, enter, press the start button, throw it in drive and leave, the infotainment screen remains black and unresponsive. No music, no nothing until I actually shut off the truck and restart it with the push button. Are we out of the days where we can pull off the battery cable to "reset" the system? This just started this last weekend. Was not in for any repairs, no work, nada. ************** Update: Further to this, the heated seats stopped working during remote start, the system stopped recognizing my phone being plugged in, and the Auto Stop feature stopped working. Took to the dealer today, all is well again. All of these failures were the result of software and the entire truck needed to be reprogrammed. This was under service bulletin #20-NA-199 I'm in Canada, so not sure if the bulletin codes are the same in the U.S. , but if you're experiencing any or all of these failures, this is the solution.
  3. 2020 Silverado LT 3.0 Duramax I've noticed just the other day coming out to my truck, the hours display was still illuminated. After some checking, I've found that it doesn't turn off after turning off the truck, locking it and walking away. It just stays illuminated all day and night. Anyone else experiencing this?
  4. Check costco online, bought lots of accessories & stuff there.
  5. Thread the bolt in a couple turns, then slide it in the hole, turn the bolt a little so it turns the flat bracket, once its up and down, pull on the loop so the flat bracket is tight against the inside of the panel and hand tighten the bolt until it all fits together, once its hand tight then get your wrench and finish it off...
  6. I picked up these from Ebay, all 9 for $36. I've used them in a couple other trucks without trouble.
  7. Thats a pretty cool feature in my opinion... My trailer doesn't have TPMS sensors, do you have to get certain ones to sync to the truck?
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