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  1. Ok so there is no longer a misfire. It has a slight hesitation under load it does go up to about 35-40 mph now since fixing the exhaust. Still can not figure out this hesitation/big down....I'm thinking either faulty MAF or IAC
  2. Pressure is at 55 under idle and drops to about 48 under load. We did replace the FPR. Maybe fuel rails or injectors? This is my only vehicle and daily driver on top of my company vehicle. I need it up. Would back pressure cause an issue with not having catalytic converters she wants to go like you can feel her surge and want to go but it's like something's pulling her back and it's engine wise not suspension or none of that
  3. I get that I should have them hooked up but my question was if I unhook them essentially wouldn't the truck drive a little bit better than if I hooked them up if they where the issue?
  4. Ok but with them being unplugged if they where the issue wouldn't it run better? I'm so beyond stumped we have done everything we could think of either by replacing it or cleaning it.
  5. My cats have been taken out and O2 sensors are currently unplugged. In process of straight piping it back to the muffler.
  6. I drive a 2000 Chevy Silverado 4x4 4.8L. for 2 weeks now i have had no power under load, loss of acceleration, random misfires. Things i have done so far Replaced TPS, MAP, Plugs and wires, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel lines, purge solenoid, vent valve,all vacuum lines as well as the PCV have cleaned the MAF, IAC, EGR, and injectors. Have checked for vacuum leaks around intake and intake bolts. Cleaned throttle body. As well as have removed the cat's and in the process of straight piping it (still has muffler). I'm at a complete loss on what else could be wrong with her. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Have ALOT of time and money sunk into this truck and I love her. Oh yeah it all started the day after I got her stuck in a mud puddle for a few hours if that helps or has any baring on the issues. Thanks a million
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