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  1. So is it correct in saying that there is not a different pump needed for a DOD deleted system?
  2. Just rolled over 90k miles. Most likely will pull the motor. I know it makes the job easier. I just need to know what oil pump to get.
  3. So I'm one of the lucky ones to get to deal with this. I want to do the full delete, but not interested in any upgrades. I think I have settled on the AMS Racing kit that includes the Diablo tuner. AMS Racing DOD delete Mechanic is suggesting that I also replace the oil pump. Is this just a straight up new replacement that I should be looking for, or need a specific one since I'm deleting DOD? Anything else that should be dealt with?
  4. I use one from Amazon as well. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019EOQ6AK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1 I carry two dogs, Coon Hound and a Catahoula. 150lb between the two. Has worked very well for me for about 7 months now. Not bad for less than $20 to my door. The key is getting one that is a hammock style to keep them from falling into the floor.
  5. Got the truck back yesterday. $4,500 Shop describes the problem coming from the fact that the stock converter has lugs that are welded on the outside of the housing instead of it being stamped or machined. This welding causes internal warping which leads to the failure. I had them take photos of the internal damage so that I have the documentation for possibly being able to recover costs with a class action law suit. They haven't sent me the photos yet, but I saw them on the owners phone. Magnet looked like donut with so much metal on it. He also had a picture of the scaring and the burnt clutch plates. As soon as I receive those I'll add them to this post.
  6. I didn't get the whining noise but did experience the exact scenario listed in the pdf below. Then it went to nothing in my driveway. No drive or reverse. That pdf describes exactly what mine felt like. Drove it like that for a couple days, then it wouldn't shift at all. Has anyone had any luck recovering cost being outside of warranty?
  7. It is the 6 speed. Should be hearing from the shop today what the damage is. What exactly did you go through before going down? Was your shop a dealer or a local independent?
  8. 70k on the odometer and I neglected to buy an extended warranty when I bought the truck a couple months ago. ?
  9. Ok, stand down. Definitely the trans. Barely made it back picking up lunch. Severe slipping. Called tow company to take it to the local reputable trans shop. I'll update the findings when I can.
  10. I will try that later today and report back. I looked at that and saw a temp of 190. Is that out of normal?
  11. Would that be something covered under warranty? No vibrations, just the hesitating. Almost like something is binding. That's the other odd thing, no CEL's at all.
  12. Picked it up this past August. Traded in a '04 Toyota X-Runner. I'm in the Tampa, FL. area. Already suffering some of the "typical" issues, but willing to suffer through them. So far I have blacked out the windows and removed the step bars. Plans, mild exhaust, CAI upgrade, lower/level it out.
  13. Hello all. I have a 2017 2wd CC 5.3L auto, just this week hit 70k miles. My problem is at a steady speed, I hear an on and off low roar coming from the engine area. It goes away if I let off the gas or apply more gas. The engine is also hesitating during this issue. I got on a highway and put it on cruise and it does the same thing. I can even see the RPM's go up and down.
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