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  1. Did you find it hard to latch the cover with the tailgate closed? I installed mine today and I’m having issues latching it with the tailgate closed. I have to stand on the bumper and it’s still a pain
  2. I posted on another thread about my cv axles leaking. I have the Eibach pro lift kit which is as adjustable front strut, coil springs and rear shocks. It’s probably just over 2inches of lift. The dealership installed it and maybe a month later I had green grease all over the inside of the front wheels and control arms. The dealer is ordering new front axles currently back ordered. I asked about getting the trail boss cv axles he didn’t think there was a difference in length. There was also glue around the cv boot on both sides they may have been torn and repaired. I’m not sure this is how it comes from the factory.
  3. The cv axles angles don’t look bad . I have the the wheels turned all the way to one side so I can take pics and clean up. The other side also had some of the glue but a small amount. The GM level kit comes with new cv axles possible longer . I might get a quote for those or new axle boots. I don’t want a patch job on a new truck. I was trying to find a part number for the trail boss cv axles.
  4. I have a 2020 Chevy Silverado Custom. I had the dealer install a Eibach pro lift kit. It comes with the new adjustable struts coil springs and rear shocks. This basically levels the truck at the lowest setting maybe slightly higher than the rear. I noticed today grease on the inside of both of my wheels today . I also noticed 2 spots that had clear glue. The dealer might have had an issue when installing and maybe this was a repair. I was searching online and found this forum about the cv axle leak. I owned Ford and Ram trucks before and haven’t had issues like this. Should I by the longer Cv axle from the trail boss is there a part number or is there an alternative solution.
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