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  1. The best fall colors just happen to be down a gravel road
  2. I had my truck in today for a leaking rear window and when they said is there anything else, I mentioned the headlight and I just got a call that they ordered a new light for me. I had noticed mine turned a bit blue in some lighting and angles but planned to live with it until the truck was at the dealer already. I will let everyone know if this turns blue over time as well.
  3. My truck went into the dealer today. Multiple service advisors noted at being familiar with this issue on these trucks and others as well. I had a minor leak on one side, so this first time they just added a new bead of sealer to the top edge of the glass. They said that has worked for them in the past on this "type" of leak, so we shall see!
  4. Yeah you are right. Its shocking as the truck has been subject to far heavier rains with no issues until just now. Not looking forward to what has to happen next. Is there an updated TSB to reference that has the newly designed parts? Or is Bulletin No.: 18-NA-383 still the right one to reference?
  5. 2020 with 7k miles. I plan to watch closely and if it happens again, I will be looking for a dealership.
  6. 3,000 miles and I have a 6.2. No doubt the tires spun under power and i could easily kick out the rear, but I always felt under control. The tires were good under normal driving and did a good job when I stomped on the brakes. Take all of this with a grain of salt. This is my first ever truck so I have no idea how other tires would compare to these, so for me, they were a pleasant surprise. My wife drives a Honda Pilot with Conti all seasons and the truck felt better than that. I drove both in the same snow storm. My previous car was an awd Audi with Blizzaks for the winter. I did find if I kept it in 2wd i really spun the tires, so 4wd auto feels like a must in bad conditions.
  7. i was out once in 6-8" of snow and ice and no complaints from me. First time out in the truck and I purposely was checking grip levels and found them to be plenty good here in PA.
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