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  1. There is an over the air update out and it does say your infotainment system may stay on. But I have also heard of others having your issue also.
  2. Hi all just had an issue with truck. I was parked idling I had shut off traction control put the truck into drive the second I pressed the gas pedal the dash lit up. Reduced power, service parking break, service ecu. I shut it down and let it sit for a couple minutes. Started it back up Everything cleared but the engine light stayed on. Any thoughts ?? . 2020 custom trail boss with the 5.3 tried checking codes with a elm reader that has worked in the truck but now it wont
  3. I have a 2020 trail boss comes with a 2 inch lift. It’s a bit of a handful on the hiway if it’s windy. Something you may want to consider if you do a lot of hiway miles
  4. Hi all, installed the k&n throttle control module with in cab adjustment in the truck yesterday. Easy install just make sure tabs are lifted on the connectors and they fit perfectly to the vehicle hardware. I tucked mine up above some heating ducts drivers side. Huge difference in throttle response if dialled all the way up instant response. No engine light or anything just make sure to disconnect negative battery terminal before you start. Picked mine up from summit.
  5. Wish I knew how it works. Every time I get in truck I check to see if there is update available it just keeps saying no update available . I’ve been having the shut down issue with my infotainment system just shuts down and restarts. Also losing connection to phone when plugged in.
  6. Thanks for the reply . IMG_5447.MOV Not sure why the video won’t open but I’ll try uploading again
  7. Ok so I’ve noticed a strange knock sound coming from engine during cold starts not really cold temp but after the truck sits for awhile 3 or 4 hours. After start you have the high idle kick in for a bit then once the idle drops back to 500 rpm or so I can here an intermittent knock or series of knocks coming from lower in the engine. You can also hear some sort of actuator ticking away that’s not what I’m talking about. If you drive the truck for a while and stop you can’t hear the sound anymore until the next cold start. the engine is a 5.3 with 3.500 kilometres on it IMG_5447.
  8. Hi all received email from GM-trucks. Com concerning a over the air update from gm. I hopped in the truck and requested update but my infotainment systems says no update available. I’m in Canada is it possible the update has not been released here yet. thanks
  9. I started with a led glow system and used the interior tubes for this install. Silicone the ends for water profing used 4 of the 12 inch led tubes . Led glow includes brackets for the tubes so I was able to use them and it makes it easier to angle the lights correctly. In those vents I used a couple 9 inch led strips with 3m on the back I just needed to integrate them into the led glow system . I removed my grille for easier installation just remove piece between grille and rad make sure you take off the hood release then 4 10mil bolts and about 6 clips once you have the bolts out just grab th
  10. Other then a flow master muffler this is my first mod on the truck.
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