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  1. I found if I powered the seat up and down a few times it would go away. Mine happens mostly when I have the front of the seat raised to max height.
  2. I had a similar issue on my last vehicle. Had the battery replaced and alternator and still dead battery after a couple of days. It was my first push button start vehicle and I was leaving the remote in the car which was keeping the computer on. I then moved it to a key ring right in front of the truck and still had the issue. I had to move it about 5’ from the car or when hanging the key up lock and unlock from the door no longer worked and problem was fixed. Not saying that is your issue but something to try if all else fails. Good luck
  3. Have you done this? If you move it will the button no longer function and stay green all the time even with the truck off? I know you can long press the start stop to put it in acc mode but that is putting needless drain on the battery. I know the outlet will most likely would be used for bigger drain items then the cigarette lighter socket but even so that gets constant power.
  4. My flappers rattle every morning and it drives me nuts. I have seen others that seem to have square orange rubber pieces on the spring. I took a picture from another post showing the piece I don’t have on either flapper. Was that a 2019 thing and they did not use them in 2020 or are mine missing and that is why I have rattle? I have brought it to the dealer and they said nothing was wrong which is beyond typical. Thanks
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