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  1. I just ordered the parts for this Rear View Camera mod. It's an upgrade that wasn't available on my '21 Silverado LT but apparently is relatively easy to install. Here is the post
  2. Thanks for the reply. I just realized from this photo from a post above that P/N 84699124 is actually the wrong lamp assembly. This one has the cargo camera. I will order the parts that you ordered Aaaaaaaayush for my 2021 Silverado LT as it looks like it worked out amazing for you. P/N: 13536995 Mirror P/N: 84487008 High Mount Lamp P/N: 84335461 Cable P/N: 84599550 Harness
  3. Just to confirm, you're "all-in-one package" for the light, camera harness was P/N: 84699124 for $140.38. As opposed to Aaaaaaaayush using P/N: 84487008 High Mount Lamp AND P/N: 84599550 Harness which is around $220 total.
  4. I am trying to put everything together from this long thread. It seems there have been many updates to parts and/or part numbers over the years the thread has been open. I think the mirror part number (13536995) and the coax cable part number (84335461) are pretty straight forward. The following two posts are confusing me though. The post in July by Kyle's AT4 stated that he purchased the "Camera 84699124" which, in my research, seems to be a third brake light assembly with camera and wire harness all in one The post in November by Aaaaaaaayush stated that they bought "P/N: 84487008 High Mount Lamp" AND "P/N: 84599550 Harness" I would rather buy the "all-in-one" light/camera/harness if this is the case as its much cheaper. If I am way off on this can someone just point me in the right direction to add this feature to my 2021 Silverado LT crew cab. ie. list of part numbers required. Thanks so much! PS Aaaaaaaayush, did you end up completing your installation? "Kyle's AT4" wrote July 9 2020 "Haven't done it yet but on the gm parts website these numbers and prices are what they are. Doesnt look like you need the whole spoiler anymore Mirror 13536995 $540.09 Cable 84335461 $27.56 Camera 84699124 $140.38 Anyone finds a good deal on mirrors let me know and I'll be doing this immediately"
  5. That looks great! Was there any issue installing the GM 2inch Lift(Trail Boss Lift)? I have been trying to research it and all the parts descriptions I find exclude the Deisel Models from the compatibility lists. I have a 2021 LT Duramax and want to install the OEM 2" lift that is on the trail boss models but was wondering if it was compatible. Do you know the part number for the kit you used? Thanks!
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