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  1. Ive recently purchased my first GM vehicle, a 21 trailboss custom, after totalling my toyota. Im likely to have a lot of stupid questions for you guys, as the technology in this thing, even being the stripped down custom trim, is a lot more complex than what my 2011 tacoma had, or any of my other previous rigs. Aside from the tailgate being finnicky though im very much enjoying this truck so far. Its twice the truck that the old tacoma was. Just wish i coulda gotten it with a stick and a cd player, but times they are a changin i guess. Ill feel free to bombard the forum with stupid questions as they occur to me. Ah, heres an example. Anybody run spacers so they can chain up their front tires? How much is needed for turning ability? Recommendations? Id like to be able to chain up all 4 if i get myself into trouble, which i seem inclined to do pretty regularly.
  2. Shouldnt have to have a truck running to open a tailgate. Ridiculous. Ill be making a visit to the local dealership soon i guess
  3. Interesting, from march 2020? My brand new 2021 trailboss is having this issue after owning it only 4 days. What the hell.
  4. Is there any way to turn this obnoxious icy road warning off? Can find nothing in the owners manual, and i was able to turn off the back seat warning easily enough, but cant find the option to disable the icy road warning. 2021 trailboss.
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