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  1. Thanks! I kind of figured that was the case! I may go ahead and place an order.
  2. Questions guys. I have a 21 LT crew that has the steering wheel controls for the radio. My build sheet says IOR - CHEVROLET INFOTAINMENT 3 8" DIAG COLOR TOUCHSCREEN. I would like to go to the High Country cluster. So, my questions are, Do I just order just the cluster? Will I need anything from harnessDr?
  3. I enjoy mine! It does the job I need it to do and gets decent mpg doing it.
  4. Maybe when the warranty is up! Even though he is service manager at the dealer where I get my work done. He says he wouldn’t deny my warranty work if he tunes it.
  5. I have a nephew that runs a tuning company. He want to put my truck on his dyno and see what he can do with it. But, I’m reluctant.
  6. Hey everyone! New guy from Louisiana! Been a long time Ford guy. I’m jumping over to the Dark Side! Lol. My first ever ride in a vehicle was my ride home as a baby in a 1968 C10 my uncle bought two weeks before! Got a new 2021 Silverado Crew Cab. Can’t wait to read and learn more from y’all.
  7. Tried to register for the site and still waiting for approval. How long does this usually take?
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