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  1. Well, BBB just called me this afternoon. GM has agreed to a buy-back under the FL Lemon Law.
  2. So, flashing CEL came back at lunch today 6459 miles and then quickly became a solid CEL. No auto start. Dealer won’t touch it since GM Corporate is involved. Way to lose a long time loyal customer GM.
  3. Well, back at the dealer this AM, let’s see what they say. BTW, loved Anacortes. Spent 12 years (1992-2004) at NAS Whidbey.
  4. Usually, it has been a flashing CEL that lasts up to 1-2 minutes. Flashing CEL indicates a misfire condition. The three times that CEL latched solid was a a P0300 code which is Random/Multiple Cylinders Misfire. I have owned this truck since 3/15/2021. That is 122 days. I have been to the dealer 6 times where I spent all day there off work. 6 days out of service. They had it one time for 9 days troubleshooting. They also had it for 37 days while waiting for engineer to come diagnose the issue and then waiting for/installing replacement engine. So,
  5. So, I have been fighting the intermittent flashing CEL since the day I got this truck 4 months ago. After multiple visits to the dealer, they finally got an engineer in and diagnosed a bad timing wheel (???) and replaced the engine at 1600 miles. Light came back at 1755 miles. Was told there would be a software update to fix. Left on a 3000 mile trip towing a camper. No issues on trip. Get back and the flashing CEL returns. 5341 miles. 5462 miles, 5480 miles and then goes solid. That was last week (06 July). Drive right to dealer and they update the software (supposedl
  6. Well, I am not happy. Running around today (Friday) with 1725 miles on truck. So, 100 miles with new engine. Flashing CEL. I need this truck next week to tow a camper to MD from FL. So done at this point. UPDATE: Went by dealer this morning (Saturday). Same codes. P0300. Random misfire. Same guy tried to blame the catch can. They are calling GM on Monday. Starting to think I need an independent shop to look at it.
  7. Update. Truck is home. Done about 40 miles so far with no issues. MPG is up and truck does feel a bit smoother. GM has been in contact with me and I will be calling them this afternoon re compensation.
  8. Supposedly my problem is the timing teeth on the crank. I think there is more than that.
  9. Update: Truck has now been at the truck since last Wednesday. They are still waiting for the engineer that was supposed to show last Friday to show up. No ETA. MyChevy app is now reporting no issues with the truck but they don't want to return it to me until the engineer looks at it. I have owned this truck 9 weeks. It has spent two weeks at the dealer (two one week instances) plus 4 same day appointments. It has 1600 miles on it, of which the dealer put 200 troubleshooting. Does anyone have a good phone number for me to call GM directly???
  10. Yeah, well lesson learned on the can. My wife said the same thing. If I am paying out of pocket, this thing is getting traded in for another brand. GM will have lost another formerly loyal customer. Interestingly, starting to get emails about doing a customer survey. Waiting to see how this resolves itself. And, the engineer didn't show today. So, will probably be another week plus.
  11. Added a JLT Catch Can to my new 2021 LT TB 5.3 at 1400 miles (last Friday). Just out of curiosity, pulled it this afternoon after 150 miles to check. Got some oil already. Just a small amount and only noticeable holding the can at an angle. Looks like the blow-by is about the same as my 496 big block in my old Corvette. Good to see the system is working. I have heard reports of 1/2 a can or 2 to 3 ounces after 4,000 miles. Looks like I will be about the same.
  12. Final update. Dealer had the truck for a week. Drove it 200 miles. Did multiple tests and could not duplicate. They did see misfires on #1 and #6 in the data. Swapped plugs around. I can only surmise that something was loose and they corrected it. Truck is back with me. Did 150 miles so far this weekend with no issues. Fingers crossed.
  13. So, it is back in the shop. Dropped it off Thursday night so they could do a "tap" test on Friday. Guess that is the spark plugs. No issues reported on Friday. So, now they are keeping it into next week. Looking at dropping gas tank to check for contamination! So, $60k truck. Owned just about six weeks with right around 1200 miles (we were out of town for a bit). - First two days (March 15/16), two instances of flashing CEL lasting ~15 sec. Visit #1 (16 or 17 March) no codes. - Third flashing CEL event (10 or 11 April). ~ 30 sec. April 12, visit #2 P0300 code. Could
  14. So, dealership called today. The engineers want to do a "porcelain tap test". Truck needs to be completely cold. So, dropping it off Sunday so they can work on it Monday. Stand by for the update.
  15. Could not do today. If it goes back, I will be demanding a rental.
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