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  1. So I cleaned the throttle body (very dirty) and checked out the MAF and air filter yesterday, everything checked out. Didn't fix the problem unfortunately though still happens, mostly at night and mostly when the headlights and blower motor are running. So I'm thinking alternator?
  2. So quick update/question on the truck. I have been cleaning the ground wires off and checking the electrical system to the best of my ability and still no results. However I did notice that the symptoms get worse ie. more noticeable flashing and more drastic jumps/drops in idle when I put the a/c on and even more so the higher setting I have the a/c on furthermore if the a/c is not engaged sometimes the idle stays steady and the lights are normal. This makes me think its defiantly an electrical problem but what do y'all think? Thanks again
  3. So JSdirt, it actually doesn’t ever drop below 500 RPM’s
  4. Thanks for all the input, I’ll see if I can get my hands on a good scan tool. thanks, Gabe
  5. Hey all, so I have a 2006 GMC Sierra 1500. I bought it used with 135,000 miles on it and I have put maybe 4000 miles on it since. Ever since I bought it sometimes at idle the RPMs will slowly bounce between something like 600 and 900 RPMs, also while this happening the battery gauge also fluctuates up and down and the lights (headlights, radio, odometer etc.) flicker. Furthermore I have a random misfire code that comes and goes every couple of weeks. Ive been having trouble figuring out whats wrong with it, or if all these problems are connected or separate issue I have to deal with. I would a
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