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  1. There is a vehicle personalization feature for auto fan speed - not sure if that will affect the speed. You can set it low, med, or high when the climate controls are in auto. What is the ambient and interior temps like when you auto start the car? FWIW, mine does not blow crazy fast when I auto start on a mild day. If it's hot, then yes it blows harder. They typically try to control to the low 70s during auto start.
  2. Hi everyone, new member here and I put a deposit on an AT4 w/3.0 that should arrive at the dealership in a week or so. Anyway, researching various issues with the engine it seems that most are associated with the exhaust system, whether it’s leaks allowing exhaust gases into the cabin or something related to emission controls. Browsing through the gym-techlink website, when issues with the exhaust system are suspected then GM recommends doing an exhaust system leak test. Some users have reported sysmptoms very shortly after taking delivery. so my question is: does GM perform any ty
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