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  1. Thank you I did a ton of research. GM dealers were no help. I somehow stumbled upon by luck a rebuilt supplier (Lares® - Remanufactured Power Steering Pump #4017 https://www.carid.com/lares/remanufactured-power-steering-pump-mpn-4017.html?singleid=3510501573) from Carid.com same pump used on a 1975 International Travelall. my tracking shows it being delivered today so I should be able to confirm if it is a replacement. Again a thank you
  2. New here! Hi to everyone, I have 2 Topkicks 89 and 91 both car haulers (my private use only). The 91 was being worked on by a mechanic who tried to rebuild the power steering/brake booster pump because of a front seal leak. After many tries he can't seem to get it right. It keeps blowing the seal out when the engine revs. I'd like to buy a new or reman pump but this one looks like a 1980-1990 pump and all the searches for a 1991 pump bring me to a different design. Is it possible mine being a 1991 could have been fitted with a phased out leftover design when new? I don't want to buy on looks a
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