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  1. I put them on last week and the sound is completely gone as well. I let the customer care rep at the dealership know and they just stopped responding to me at all. I did report the issue to Chevrolet and GM. I can’t fathom why they wouldn’t want to fix this especially since it’s so easy to remedy.
  2. At least they are attempting to fix it. The dealers here in Georgia won’t even try to at this point. Still very frustrating and not something you should be experiencing with a new truck.
  3. Add me to the growing list. 2021 RST z71 4WD. I purchased it two weeks ago and noticed the clunking backing out of my driveway on the 3rd or 4th day. It’s louder now and gravel roads are awful. It’s non stop on uneven roads. Scheduled a service appointment. At that point I went ahead and opened a claim with their customer care department because I had already read this thread and told them I was prepared for the service department to give me the run around. I called the dealership got passed back and forth and then the service manager told me on the phone the rear ends are just
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