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  1. I tried using the antenna from my 2002 truck that is around 6" longer with no real change in reception. The 02 truck has no problems pulling in the same signals/stations that the 2020 has problems with.
  2. Thanks, a replacement antenna is a pretty inexpensive test. I'll report back
  3. I live about 25 miles from a major metropolitan area and all other radios either in a car, battery operated, or stereo have no problems picking up strong radio signals. In my 2020 Silverado HD with the Bose audio system I have poor reception of stations I typically listen to. Using the HD Radio seems to be worse where the station will cut out for 10 or more seconds, the alternate selections for HD Radio won't come in at all. Turning off the HD Radio function seems to help a little bit but I'll still loose the signal for 5 seconds or more. I've never had this problem with other car radios traveling near my home but this truck drops the stations regularly. Has anyone else noticed this, if so, is there a fix? Thinking a new antenna may help but wanted to see if there was anyone else with this issue. Thanks, Shimmy
  4. I've gotten lots of compliments on the color. The most common is that they've never seen this color before. When I told my family I wanted a brown truck, they all said 'that's an old mans' color' Now that they've seen it, they all think it is great.
  5. My 2020 Chevy 2500HD LTZ stickered for 68,120 and I got the price down to 61,800 without any rebates. Tax and fees on top of that.
  6. They mount to the smaller ones; there are threaded inserts behind the plugs. There are a set of 2 at each 'location'. One horizontal and one vertical. The larger plugs are just open holes.
  7. Not sure if you were able to find it but it is P/N 84532302
  8. Look into the Lemon Law for your state. It often kicks in after 3 unsuccessful attempts at the manufacture fixing an issue. Usually results in the manufacturer buying the vehicle back at your full price.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to find and purchase one but had to go ~120 miles away. With the loyalty discount I was able to save 12%. Just over 9 if you don't include the additional loyalty rebate.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I went with the N-Fab also. Super easy to install and come down far enough to make it easy to enter the cab.
  11. I noticed the link shows the 1500 series and not the HD model. Are the mounting points between the 2 models the same? I don't want to purchase the wrong ones and need to send them back. Thanks, Shimmy
  12. Anyone in the Philadelphia area getting more than 5 or 6%? Care to share? Dealers are acting like they are doing me a favor with that discount. Thanks.
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