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  1. They mount to the smaller ones; there are threaded inserts behind the plugs. There are a set of 2 at each 'location'. One horizontal and one vertical. The larger plugs are just open holes.
  2. Not sure if you were able to find it but it is P/N 84532302
  3. Look into the Lemon Law for your state. It often kicks in after 3 unsuccessful attempts at the manufacture fixing an issue. Usually results in the manufacturer buying the vehicle back at your full price.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to find and purchase one but had to go ~120 miles away. With the loyalty discount I was able to save 12%. Just over 9 if you don't include the additional loyalty rebate.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I went with the N-Fab also. Super easy to install and come down far enough to make it easy to enter the cab.
  6. I noticed the link shows the 1500 series and not the HD model. Are the mounting points between the 2 models the same? I don't want to purchase the wrong ones and need to send them back. Thanks, Shimmy
  7. Anyone in the Philadelphia area getting more than 5 or 6%? Care to share? Dealers are acting like they are doing me a favor with that discount. Thanks.
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