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  1. Why don't you drive your car to a service center? Maybe they will manage to repair your aircon there. Of course, you could try to buy a new one, but it will cost you a lot of money, that is why in my opinion it is much better to repair it. Try a chemical overhaul for your aircon; maybe it will help. Visit https://www.marvellous.sg/aircon-chemical-overhaul/ for more information, they will find a way to help you there.
  2. Many other tools can help you with this problem; you have only to search on the internet. I recently ordered the best weed remover available on the internet. I saw that it was on sale and I decided to buy it. My cousin uses a similar weed remover for his yard, and he told me that it is a must-have thing in your garage. If you are interested, you can find more on the internet. Check it out by yourself.
  3. I was wondering about the same things a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty skeptical about the GM credit card rewards and the GM points. I mean, the points are something that you gain on your card for only one vehicle, while the credit card rewards, what are they? What exactly do they do? I think you should ask the dealer about them and see what they are and what you can do with them. By the way, my brother has got one of the best small online loans, and he was able to somehow payout the loan using the GM credit rewards.
  4. Gosh. I hope you are okay. As far as I can remember, in 2019, General Motors recalled 368,000 medium- and heavy-duty diesel trucks equipped with engine-block heaters for fire risks after 19 reports of fires. I think the engine block heater cords did a short circuit and caused a fire. Maybe now it would be the same problem. A friend of mine works at https://firerecruitmentaustralia.com.au, and he told me that lately, they turned off two such cars. Honestly, this worries me a bit because I also have a Chevy Silverado. However, I always have a fire extinguisher for such cases.
  5. Excellent advice. I bought my car last year, and so far I have only had this problem. I think next time I will do the same. I think it will cost me less, but I hope that such incidents will not happen again. When I went to the local dealer, I found out that to make you replacement keys, the GMC dealership or locksmith will need your car's VIN and your proof of ownership. The VIN can be found on the title for your vehicle or by looking in the lower-left corner of the dashboard in front of your vehicle's steering wheel.
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