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  1. I have a question for everyone how did you folks get the front right line in using the pre bent kit.
  2. Glad you folks posted this, going to get this a third attempt Thursday. This time I'm going to remove the valve cover and disconnect the 2 fuel lines. I took it to 3 different shops and the same thing happened they were looking at alldata says 1hr labor I told them you may want to look at it first, they all came back 280-300 estimate. One was a dealer.
  3. Thanks I was looking for a fan shroud for a 8.1 with a 38 inch wide radiator core. If anyone has one give me a. PM.
  4. Can to tell me what size engine was in it and where are you located.
  5. Well how is everyone doing, I did not expect Kansas to lose so early.
  6. I have a private on-line bracket challedge over at the CBS Sports site, shot me a PM with your email address and I will add you. It's for fun only and of course a little smack talk.
  7. I have been running the SilverStars and have to agree the life is short always lasted a year. I have the ZXE now for about a year and a half so far so good.
  8. If you are in Vermontville my Avalanche Club is having a GTG there this weekend for the syrup festival come on over and join us. Here's a link. LINK
  9. How is your radio reception with the antenna down there.
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