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  1. Hi Dave..I have got no where with this problem..I would love to know more about the class action because there is a lot of us out there having this problem. My truck only has 62,000 miles and it’s like 8 inches long, so disappointing they won’t do something..it’s obviously an issue caused when they painted them on the line.
  2. Everyone has put me off from dealerships to corporate..I tried Twitter GMC Corporate-they replied but took no responsibility. I posted a lot of the photos of other trucks with exact problem which they didn’t like it did nothing..sad because it is a manufacturing issue.
  3. It’s just ridiculous that we are dealing with this and no one wants to take ownership of the problem..I love my GMC but I’m very disappointed also. I went and done post to GMC Corporate on Twitter and they act like they’re concerned..they wouldn’t recognize all the posts of different peoples vehicles..I think I will keep posting pics to their Twitter account..
  4. I had contacted GMC corporate the dealership and really nothing..the best place at least I got some conversation was I tweeted the pics on GMC Twitter page..I sent all pics of everyone on here and they refused to take any action..it’s a shame that we plainly see I was fault on the paint line for this model and year
  5. It is a shame..I went to GMC Twitter-we are talking but nothing resolved..I also took to dealership and they took pics and vin number said they would send up the ladder..I’m still waiting..
  6. I went to GMC Twitter with complaint and pictures..of course they say out of warranty..it’s not a warranty problem it’s a quality issue, my opinion. Hi, Sherry. We're unable to speculate on if this can be covered under the corrosion warranty until it has been diagnosed by a dealership. The bumper-to-bumper warranty covers repairs due to defects in materials or workmanship on a vehicle. However, the factory bumper-to-bumper warranty has expired for your vehicle. ^DG
  7. I am totally ticked off that this is happening and no fault on me..this is a GM failure!
  8. I have a 2014 Sierra that has this same problem, same spot. I called and was told they couldn’t do anything about it. Apparently, their is an issue with this model in that area of the vehicle. I am totally disappointed as I purchased new and paid extra 1,000 for this color.
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