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  1. Recently ordered from Amazon and installed the Furrion Vision S7 Wireless Backup System to my 35’ travel trailer ( distance from camera to dash-mounted monitor ~50’). I am using the external monitor that comes with it. Don’t think it will work with OEM back-up camera. Easy install, works great but pricey.
  2. Experienced a one-off braking issue while descending a 7% grade. Had driven ~100 miles, stopping as needed with no issues. Began descending about 3 miles of maximum 7% grade touching the brakes infrequently as my 2018 Silverado 2500HD Duramax does a great job of reducing speed when off the petal. No towing selector, downshifting, no engine brake engaged. I’m just about to level ground, slowly apply my brakes and HELLO! Front-end/wheels start shaking like I’m about to throw a wheel. I feather braked to a stop on a side street, checked for play in the wheels and nothing evident. Continued another 120 miles, up hill/down hill, two 9% grades and only one instance of a very light wobble. Suggestions/similar situations?
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