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  1. The plugs themselves aren’t expensive, usually around $4-$5 each. The shipping is what kills it if you’re buying just one. Best deals I’ve found for singles have been on eBay, just ordered this one for $12 shipped.
  2. Appreciate it! Hopefully this will be the last one I have to order!
  3. I’m hoping someone can help me out. I’ve ordered every part number I can find for fifth wheel/goose neck plugs for my 2020 HD, none have been the right size for the middle gooseneck hole. Can someone that has the factory option pull the middle plug and post the part number that’s on the underside of it? I’ve included a pic of a plug for reference.
  4. I'm seeing 10 different part numbers for Pulsar LT's on their site.. might help if you listed the application and part number.
  5. Going to have to give this a shot. Mine has gotten worse over the last few months. The whole time I've thought it was the sides, even added foam weather stripping to it... didn't think of the latch. D
  6. Had these sold a while back and then it fell through... still available if anyone's interested. D
  7. Selling the factory steps off my '14 CC Silverado. Asking $250. They're in great shape with signs of normal use. Looking for a local sale in the Atlanta, GA area. D
  8. Good deal here! I love mine, the Lunds are the only flares that fully extend to the bumper in the front. D
  9. Here's another good resource. You can get pretty detailed with the searches. https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery?page=1 D
  10. Here's a good place to start... hope you've got a few hours free. Lol http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/153363-2014-leveling-kits/ D
  11. Looks interesting... I don't see a 2014+ 1500 option on there website though. D
  12. Appreciate it! As for the flares, there's no drilling. They're pocket style flares, the outer bolts just give the look like they're drilled and bolted to the fender. They're held on with clips and bolt on brackets, very easy install and they're very solid. As far as the suspension, it's a little crazy. I actually picked all the Reaper stuff up used off eBay. It had 12k miles on it when the guy took it to a shop to have it swapped out for a 6" lift. Why he didn't tell them to keep the fox stuff, I don't know, because they definetly could have used them with the right spacers and his new kit. I picked the whole Reaper package up for $800 shipped. I had to buy the Superlift kit because the Reaper stuff was for a steel A arm truck and mine is aluminum, plus I wanted to add the differential drop to help the angles and the Reaper Doesnt use them. It cost me $550 from Summit. The add-a-leaf was something I wanted to go with instead of a lift block in the rear because I pull our 21' boat with it and wanted the extra support. It was $80 from Summit. So I've got about $1450 in it, I installed it all myself and then took it and had it aligned (another $80). Not sure if it'll fit in the garage or not... it's occupied by my C6 Vette. D
  13. Installed one on my 2014 LTZ Z71 a couple days ago... took about 10 mins. The lanyard came off the old piece and clipped onto itself like others have mentioned in the thread. To get the alignment spike in, I tilted the new piece slightly so I could see the spike going between the lanyard straps and then wiggled it until it popped in. Bolted it in and installed the caps. Thanks for posting all the info in here... made it easy! D
  14. Nice truck Airbus... I'm in the same boat as you pretty much. Picked up a 2014 Z71 Silverado about a month ago, it's been soaking up my $$ ever since. Lol Nice PW4000 in your avatar too... I see a few of them from time to time. I'm a Lead AMT at Delta in Eng Mtc. D
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