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  1. I've noticed a trend with the Emergency Flasher Button... All the manufacturers on all their vehicles are making the buttons smaller and tucking them in out of the way places. Unfortunately, I use mine on my 02 a lot. On the freeways there is lot of panic brakes causing severe congestion, so I don't get rear'd I put on the flashers to at least buy a few partial seconds more of the drivers behind me. In part because of this, I much prefer the amber rear signals. For the mirrors, I can't tell if the non-tow mirrors have convex in them.
  2. I've been casually looking into this. I am not able to find anywhere someone replacing the K2's 4.2 or the 8 stock with an after market double din. The Pioneer AppRadio 3 with ARLiberator is just about perfect with android. Has external GPS antenna, just needs mirrorcast and qi charging dock. A place for an actual dock instead of just a cubby with a qi mat, so that the phone doesn't go bouncing everywhere.
  3. I'm at 191K on my 02 extended 6-6. Still running strong. Have a couple misc. rattles to chase down. So the 02 would have be totaled or something major fail before a move towards a K2. If it was today, I would probably just find a clean 99+ DTS and hold out for a 6.2/8-speed 2wd non Denali/High Country Crew shorty-bed (has to fit in the garage). I don't think I could ever warm up to the double cab. Suicide doors are the natural order of the universe and all within. Then there's the choking down of $40-43K. That's double of the 02.
  4. Check out other seats. If you have leather, how do the cloth one feel. Same as looking at King Ranch seats instead of the Lariat's, are they different. Also look at the Expedition/Navigator seats. Beaded seat cover, there's a reason taxi drivers have used them for decades. Used, auction priced, near end of 36K warranty and stacking debt from an "upside-down" vehicle; if trouble is your first, middle and last name, go for it
  5. Definitely upgrade the Reaction Sun Shell with "The Beast", around $60. And the 3-4 clutch pack. I've used Alto's powerpack.
  6. Definitely sound like the fuel pump went out. Exact same symptoms I had when mine went out in my 02 at 150K miles. A lot of people are only getting 50K-60K miles out of their pumps. I do think it helps a lot to always try fill up at a 1/4 tank to keep the pump cool.
  7. Just my opinion.........you're looking at used vehicles. No matter how little mileage, how well they look, they may have problems cause someone else ran them. You do not indicate that you have problems with your 09, other than some financial issues. Are the financial issues so great that you would take a chance with vehicle reliability for your family?
  8. Common problem, on the GMT-800's anyways, is that water splashes up on the right side (high-tone) horn and takes it out. Leaving just the low-tone horn on the left side.
  9. If you the alignment tech you're dealing with is amenable, ask them to first align to the steering wheel centered. Since there is no more steering wheel theft lock since the 90's, the steering wheel has to be strapped down. Sometimes this is a good "starting over" point to get it aligned
  10. Get a mechanic's stethoscope and get someone to drive while you try to get close to where the noise is. http://www.harborfreight.com/mechanics-stethoscope-41966.html
  11. Smooth as glass.....show quality.
  12. This is sounding familiar, but I can't seem to remember exactly what it was. It was a symptom that was a bit common on the L98 (vette/firebird) TPI 350's. I'm thinking it was the IAT sensor (intake air temperature) or maybe a dirty MAF, been a long while.
  13. 105K, it's still a baby 5K a year, doesn't really make sense to be spending >$45K for a new one. A really nice paint job should be around $3K-$5K. Of course it all depends on the amount of bodywork, paint type and if you want to stay black and want it "glass" smooth.
  14. +1 for the overhead sunglasses cubby BUT it needs to be big enough to hold something like Oakley M-Frames, not just Ray-Ban aviators
  15. 1. Cabin Air Filter (previously mentioned), with filter easily changeable 2. Outside mirrors where the rear tires are visible (not tilt downs), built in convexes in non Tow Mirrors would do. At the very least quit angling off the inside corners on the mirrors. 3. 4 wheel steering $1000 or under

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