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  1. Thanks for the advise . This is a used truck and I am starting to think someone has already "tuned" the transmission , will get GM to reset to factory specs and start over .
  2. The HPtuner system seems very complicated , there are many accessories involved and monies to be spent to understand and use one properly . Not my gig . I will find a tranny shop that does use that system though and have them reset my Chevy . Thanks for that input .
  3. I guess the correct model is a 6L80E transmission . Makes perfectly good sense , the 4L being a 4 speed and the 6L being a 6 speed ....
  4. Thank you for the info . Can this tune be done with a Tech3 or what is required ??
  5. 2014 Silverado K1500 5.3L 6 speed auto . Not sure what is going on , transmission shudders when shifting into higher gear at low rpm's . I turn tow/haul on and it eliminates the problem 98% of the time . Can this 4l80E(??) be reprogrammed to hold shift longer without tow/haul on ? The truck had oversized tires on it , took it from 285's to 275's , better ride . Truck runs smooth , the V-8 to V-4 mode works , just doesn't like not being in the tow mode !
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