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  1. Changed the cv axle on the drivers side, didn’t help. Only thing that is not been changed is wheel bearing and caliper on that side. Sounds like this but this is not the problem checked this actuator out works;
  2. I have a clicking noise coming from what sounds like the drivers side front wheel area. The kicker is I only hear it in reverse. I had to change the torque converter so I thought maybe it was a cracked flexplate put in knew one but, noise still remains. I proceed to remove the front drive shaft and the noise still remains. I had a leaking CV axle on that side so I replaced it also. Noise still remains. While I was doing the CV axle I removed the front caliper and spun the wheel bearing and the noise still remains. I have checked the front axle actuator and it is functioning as it should and I can hear the transfer case also kicking in and out. I am at a loss of what to do next. I’m thinking maybe a bad wheel bearing but, I have never heard of one making a clicking noise only in reverse. Any ideas would be great maybe it’s not coming from the front end?
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