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  1. Same boat. I am going on 4 months with the status as submitted but not accepted by GM. I am at a loss, thinking about going to another dealership to place another order, I have been unable to get any info from my current dealer.
  2. I am in the Austin, TX area, a lot of the dealers here are doing the $10k market adjustment. There are a couple of large GM dealers in North Austin, Covert wanted to add a $10k market adjustment, Nyle Maxwell is selling at Sticker, unless you are not from the general area. I am new to the area so I ordered mine from Nyle Maxwell, I have bought 22 vehicles in the last 10 years when I was in San Antonio, therefore I will be moving all my business to Nyle Maxwell. On a side note, I have had 10 ford trucks, never a GM, the local ford dealers near me are also adding a market adjustment, so I am moving from Ford to GM based on the dealer.
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