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  1. That is what I was thinking, any idea if there is A diode on a 2019 Silverado on that 12v wire going to the trailer plug? Assuming I can check by putting a larger maintainer in my trailer and checking the amps at the truck battery with the truck turned off?
  2. I wired my trailer as such that the trailer battery is being maintained by the truck while connected. So I guess I’m just wondering if it would feed back in reverse? I currently use a 2 amp automatic maintainer to maintain the battery in the trailer but I would probably need to get a larger maintainer then 2amp to keep up with the truck being on in accessory mode?
  3. Would I be able to maintain or charge my truck battery through the 7 pin trailer plug?? If I have the truck plugged into a trailer with a 12 volt battery and battery maintainer powered by a generator? I’m looking to use the WiFi in the truck without having the truck running.
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