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  1. I bought mine on Amazon for $870 a couple of weeks ago, it routinely drops to about $970-950 and then they usually have a $100 coupon on and off again. I love it so far! I do wish the last fold was a bit closer to the cab, it seems like quite a bit of wasted bed space. Maybe I will see if I can fit a slim transfer tank under it. edit: just seen your follow up post, congrats on your purchase! Definitely worth calling around.
  2. I only have 3500 miles on my ‘21 elevation 3.0, but I love it. For road trips it’s amazing. It’s also great around town, very punchy and moves around well. My trailer I pull is only 2000 lbs, so obviously I don’t even know it’s there. Maintenance doesn’t seem any higher than my gas vehicles, but it does use DEF and diesel fuel seems to cost more. I feel like the fuel mileage easily compensated for the extra cost of fuel, and if you buy the DEF at Wally World it’s pretty cheap. I’m at ~$15 of DEF on my 3500 miles.
  3. I have this one, and really like it. You have to provide your own MagSafe charger, by the mount itself works perfectly. Magsafe Mount
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