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  1. You would think so, that’s how past cars I’ve owned have worked. My truck though is still off 5-10 degrees after driving for 2 hours over a mountain pass in overcast conditions. It doesn’t matter if it’s 50 outside or 110, it still reads high no matter how far it’s driven or where it’s parked. Obviously it reads really high if parked in the sun all day, but it cools down to normal 5-10 high after driving it. I haven’t really noticed it hurting anything besides being really annoying, but I never remote start either.
  2. Around here in southern Utah, I see probably 3-5 refreshed sierras a day driving around.
  3. I bought mine on Amazon for $870 a couple of weeks ago, it routinely drops to about $970-950 and then they usually have a $100 coupon on and off again. I love it so far! I do wish the last fold was a bit closer to the cab, it seems like quite a bit of wasted bed space. Maybe I will see if I can fit a slim transfer tank under it. edit: just seen your follow up post, congrats on your purchase! Definitely worth calling around.
  4. I only have 3500 miles on my ‘21 elevation 3.0, but I love it. For road trips it’s amazing. It’s also great around town, very punchy and moves around well. My trailer I pull is only 2000 lbs, so obviously I don’t even know it’s there. Maintenance doesn’t seem any higher than my gas vehicles, but it does use DEF and diesel fuel seems to cost more. I feel like the fuel mileage easily compensated for the extra cost of fuel, and if you buy the DEF at Wally World it’s pretty cheap. I’m at ~$15 of DEF on my 3500 miles.
  5. I have this one, and really like it. You have to provide your own MagSafe charger, by the mount itself works perfectly. Magsafe Mount
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