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  1. 2023 GMC configurator is up with the new colors. You can definitely tell its darker ( more gray) than the old silver. Not seeing much difference between Volcanic Red and Wild Cherry.
  2. From I've been able to find on YT its about 2 shades darker than Silver. Its pretty close to Satin Steel but it looks lighter. 23 trucks haven't hit the lot yet so can't confirm yet. Northsky is still the leader for my build. This is a Tahoe but you get them idea.
  3. Hello gyys/gals. Im recent lurker of the forum. Looking to buy my first truck in the next year or so. I have questions about the diesel in the 1500 trucks. For those that own/ owned them, how have they been reliability wise? Also how much more expensive have they been to maintain versus the 5.3 ? Im mainly interested in the 3.0 due to the more talked lifter problems lifter problems in the 5.3 but want to try to avoid massive maintainence bills out of warranty (outside of them oil belt at 150k). Obviously the 3.0 is a mpg champ as well which is nice when a truck has a 24 plus gallon gas tank. 5.3 uses regular fuel though which is much less expensive vs. diesel. If I didn't already have a 6.2 Camaro I'd probably consider that engine more, but it seems like a waste for what I'd be using the truck for (daily family use and road trips). Don't really venture on unpaved roads or trails so 2wd seems like enough to me. Looking forward to the answers. Excited for my first truck purchase. Just need to decide on the engine lol. Camaro and a Malibu don't go far enough when you buy a house lol
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