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  1. What fuses are you guys tapping to get power? I assume they are hard wired... I'd like to hardwire my Blackvue DR900X Plus camera into my 2022 High Country but no idea what fuses to use for power connections... Thanks
  2. Okay guys, thank you to everyone that provided inputs and suggestions to my problem. Tonight after work, I bought a new throttle body, gasket and purge valve and installed them on the truck. HOLY SMOKES!! You do not know what you are missing out on when a problem creeps up on you. This thing has not run this good in years! Thanks again guys! I bought this truck new and have thought I was doing a good job at maintaining it but obviously neglected some aspects. I am in love again. New AC Delco throttle body $227 New Gasket $9 New AC Delco Purge Valve $36.99 All purchased from Autozone. Cheers!
  3. CamGTP, Thanks for the info! I will take a look on my way to work tomorrow how the fuel trim looks. Just at idle both were at 2. Just redid the throttle relearn tonight. Thanks again!
  4. Richard, Thank you for the reply! I used my handheld scanner to check for the DTCs. I did disconnect the battery again, let the truck idle for 5 minutes, turned it off for about a minute and then started it again to idle for another five. After turning it off for about 20 minutes (Long enough to change my pants and grab my wallet) I took it on a thirty mile drive at highway speeds. As for the IAC, I don't think my truck has that... I thought the problem may have been resolved until I was on my way home and noticed it doing it again. Call me crazy but I think it even did while under acceleration up a hill. I will go out and take a closer look for anything amiss around the battery and let you know if there is anything going on there. Thanks again!
  5. I am the proud owner of a 2004 Silverado Crew Cab truck with 210276 miles on the clock and no check in light or trouble codes... truck has been really great since I bought it new. I now have a problem where I get an extremely rough idle after driving at highway speeds and stopping at a ramp light when exiting. I am worried because a few times the truck backfired and nearly died on me. I have replaced the O2 sensors (All of them)at the start of these issues as they were original to the truck. I have also cleaned the throttle body and replaced the spark plugs. Using my data logger I can see that the throttle is at 4 to 5% at idle in the driveway at 525-560 rpms (fluctuating rapidly). I have looked for vacuum leaks and found none. I am thinking that my Throttle Position Sensor may be about to give up the ghost. What do you guys think based off of the information I have provided here? If you need more let me know please. List of new parts installed in order before and after trouble started: battery (Just before issues started) O2 sensors (all after issues started) Plugs (After) Plug wires inspected, no apparent damage and less than 1 year old Throttle body removed and cleaned on the bench (After and last thing I have done before this post). Thank you in advance!
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