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  1. The first time I did it. It was the wrong cable. Went back to O'Riley's and got the right one. Installed it and everything fits perfect. Yes it started doing that before I changed the cable. The problem I saw was the little ears on the bracket that goes through the loop were broken and had about 2-3" of play. the shifter lever on the steering column has a lot of play between where it's supposed to be in park to reverse. From reverse to D2 it shifts fine back and forth. And when I try to go to D1, the lever feels like it won't go anymore. And won't go into park
  2. Hey I'm new here and this is my first time ever coming across this problem. I'm working on my 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 because one day coming home from work I couldn't shift back into Park. I replaced the shifter table from the steering column all the way down underneath the truck to the transmission lever. Everything is that it should be I've adjusted the shifter table. I'm able to put the transmission into park manually whenever somebody is in the driver seat pressing down on the brake pedal. I checked the shifter interlock solenoid in the steering column and nothing's hanging everything looks like it's supposed to. And I'm only able to shift out of park into reverse neutral drive D3 and D2. I have no D1 and when I try to sit back in the park the steering column lever goes all the way up into the park position like it's supposed to but the transmission itself won't engage into park and stays in reverse. My next step is to replace the shifter interlock solenoid. I wanted to post this and see if anybody could give me any help in case that wasn't it before I get into that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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