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  1. Hi All, All of my parts finally came in and I got the center console installed. Thanks for everyone's help on this. Thanks, Glenn
  2. I would absolutely be interested in selling my jump seat. I just got the last of the center console parts yesterday so hope to finish up the install this weekend. Is selling allowed on this forum? Thanks, Glenn
  3. It looks like none of the supply houses can get the consoles. Not sure if it's temporary due to supply chain issues or what. If anyone has any insight into where I can get a center console, please let me know. Thanks, Glenn
  4. You are the man!! Thanks very much for the assist. I'll get the parts ordered. Thanks, Glenn
  5. Hey Dieselfan1, Thanks for all the detailed information, much appreciated and sorry for all the dumb questions. The websites show that part number will not fit my 2017. Is yours a 2017 or 2018? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the reply. How many color options are there? In the listing it shows as black/red but everyone I've spoken to says it is black with no red in it so not sure why that is in the description. Do I need to be concerned about the wiring connections or are they plug-n-play? I think there are some after-market harnesses that are needed to make the 110v outlet and front USB work correctly Thanks, Glenn
  7. Hello All, I know there are several posts about this same topic, but I am looking to swap out my front jump seat for a center console. I found part # 84199885 online that says it is for my model year truck (2017 Silverado) When I ordered the part and gave my VIN, they told me the part doesn't match my VIN. Does the VIN not match because my truck didn't come with a center console to begin with or is it the wrong part? How can I verify this console will actually work in my truck? Since the parts with side trims, shipping, etc. comes to around $700 and are non-returnable, I want to make sure I'm ordering the right thing and don't have to eat $700. Thanks in advance, Glenn
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