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  1. I hear ya man. I miss my Silverado but not the problems. I only had 6K on it. I can't imagine what 50K would be like. Just got tired of trying to fix it. Really sad because I really loved that truck. If it was just the vibration issues, I probably would have delt with it or kept trying to fix it.
  2. Thanks. I appreciate it. I hope so too. I traded in my ford edge for this the Silverado because the edge had tons of issues. Engine oil leak at 10,000 miles for one, heater and door locks stopped working. Hopefully this one is solid.
  3. Yup tires were road force balanced at the dealership and then a few weeks later I had them road force balanced again at an actual tire shop. The shaking was only one issue of many. If it was just the shaking, I probably would have sucked it up and tried to fix it, but it was a list of problems. Most recent my climate control. I could either get really cold or really hot air. No in between.
  4. I have seen what you've seen. Was a cop for 8 years. I've seen planes crash, but guess what? I still fly.
  5. The speed limit on the I-15 going to Cali from Vegas is 70 mph. So you're really saying you've never gone 5 mph over the speed limit? The sheer level of STUPID in your post is baffling.
  6. Thank you. I forgot to mention in my original post, that I did indeed make 4-5 trips to the dealership and got nowhere. Got the runaround, and that's trying 3 different dealerships. All I got from them were road force balance on two tires. Useless. I spent money on getting the driveshaft balanced, which was off from the factory. It helped but still had vibration. Here's a video I took a while back https://youtu.be/weo7iQr8nrg Also forgot to add to my list, that I had constant steering wheel vibration also.
  7. I agree 100% with everything you said. My option was going to an F150, no thanks, other option was ram, no thanks, tundra, too expensive for what they are. Going back to another Silverado, no way. I got my frontier for almost the same price as a BASIC Tacoma with not even cruise control in it. MPG isn't a huge deal to me. My job is only a mile away from home. I only go to CA once every few months. The only thing to get used to is the smaller size. I like big size trucks, but I'm a small dude, only 5'5" so i fit in the frontier perfect. I also like the fact that it's a design that's been around for years and proven. Love that it has no AFM and all the other tech stuff that can go wrong. Basic truck for a basic man. I just wanted the 4x4 feature. That was a must this time.
  8. Love the Titans, but two reasons. I don't like buying a car when it just had a major redesign, and it was too expensive for me. I had a 2005 Silverado and that thing was solid! Thought after a few years of GM having the same design, they would have the quirks mostly figured out, especially since the shaking issue has been around since the 14's. I was wrong.
  9. Well guys I gave up on the fight to try and fix the problems I had with the truck. Traded it in for a Nissan Frontier 4x4. Got a good deal on it and was given a lot for my truck. List of problems with the Silverado: -Shaking and jumping at highway speeds -Vibration under both seats and center console at 75-82 mph -Climate control issues -Squeaking exhaust -Gear noise at 80mph Loved the truck but the issues were driving me nuts and I just don't have the time to keep taking it to the dealership. Wanted to thank everyone who helped me out with questions. These forums are great.
  10. Had all four tires balanced today by an actual tire shop this time. A little less vibration but still has the shake. The steering wheel vibration has decreased a bit too. Oh well. At least I had it done for free. Guy said the balance that the dealership had done was horrible.
  11. I may try that. I've been super busy lately and haven't had time to go. Just made a move to another state, new job, holidays, etc. Today I will be making a list of all the problems and will take it to a dealership next week. Not very hopeful they'll do anything as it's been in the shop for vibration issues and all they did was do a road force balance on two tires and gave it back to me. That was after 4 trips to 3 different dealerships.
  12. Just did a test. Turned AC on, set temp to 63 and hot air was coming out. Lowered it to LO and cold air came out. Up again to 63 and hot as hell. It's not there's no in-between.
  13. So as if my truck didn't already have a lot of problems, it just starting developing a problem with my climate control. So here's my problem. I do a lot of traveling on the highway, most of the time 3 hour trips and it's been pretty cold during my trips, around 30°. On trips like this I leave both guages at 65. Well for a while the temperature is perfect, not too hot not too cold. All of a sudden it gets really cold, or gets really hot out of nowhere. I can have it at 65 and it feels like it's at 80. This is with the A/C OFF and it does it with with the fan off with the air recycle switch off and just getting air coming in from outside. Anyone else have this problem? P.S. I hate this truck. Thanks for any feedback
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