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  1. Are you sure you do not have active grille shutters? My '17 Denali with a 6.2L has them. I would be highly surprised if your truck wasn't equipped with them. Shine a flash light thru your grille and look for black plastic louvers (they're probably be closed) It seems most peoples solution is just replacing the shutter assembly, mine was a little more complicated as you can see if you read my post from a couple months ago
  2. I just got this in over the weekend, gonna try to install it tonight. I'll let y'all know how it goes.
  3. Well the dealership figured it out, bad connection at the ECM. All the hours of research I did and never saw this fix. Hope this helps someone in the future figure out there issue.
  4. Any of you guys ever get the U1510 code sorted out? I'm having this issue with mine now. I changed the grille shutter last weekend and the light is still on
  5. 2017 Sierra Denali, 32k miles. Back in December my light came on, I checked it with my scanner and I got P0449, P2101 and U1510. Erased all codes and P0449 and U1510 came back. Gave my truck to the dealership, said they fixed it under warranty. I picked it up and light was still on.. they fixed P0449 (chafed wire on the rear chassis wire harness?) but appeared to ignore the U1510??!? Researched U1510 til my eyes started bleeding, changed the Grille Shutter this past weekend, erased the code, light is still on. I'm not super electrically inclined but I have a multimeter and Power Probe. Really trying to fix this myself and not waste more time at the dealership I see many others have had this issue with the grille shutters Is there a fuse for the grille shutter circuit? Anyone have any pointers please?
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