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  1. All corrected now. As tbarn mentioned it turned out to be this as the issue. Not covered under drive train warranty, but after the replacement of the air shutter actuator and a re-flash (due to a steering disabling fault) all good now ! Thanks U 1510 K20 Engine Control Module Lost Communication with M96 Active Grille Air Shutter Actuator / M60A Active Grille Air Shutter 1 Motor Module on LIN Bus
  2. Called the dealership back and they seem to recall it was a U1510 K20
  3. Thanks. Yes I did the battery disconnect and after a couple of restarts it comes back. Same thing with disconnecting the Engine Control unit, the dealer suggested that was where they thought the issue may be. But it comes right back as well. I was in the high water late last week and the transmission connection may be an opportunity the check out. This truck is a 2017 MY. Thanks for the response.
  4. Got a baffling issue going on. Couple of days ago the check engine light came on with a 2017 1/2 ton Gas Silverado. Had a dealer trouble shoot it to run the codes. It is a communications fault and comes up U1510. They want the truck for a couple of weeks so they can trial and error a connection or wire issue. I am reading on-line a LIN communications break down is somewhat common, maybe with the ECM, the BCM or other module such as the HVAC. Anyone seen a common issue with these newer 1/2 tons that can prevent a trial and error approach by the dealership. I don't really want the truck dismantled while they trial and error the connections. Thanks!
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