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  1. I found 2 wires from the gear shift for the tow haul switch that were broken fixed them but still won’t shift into overdrive . Was searching for answers on the web and read some stuff about transmission fuse . I can’t find a transmission fuse on mine anywhere . Is there one on it ? If so where is it ?
  2. Ok so I changed out the 2/3 shift solenoid as it was bad and codes were coming up p0758. that cured my problem of not shifting into third. Took it for a test drive shifted into third but had to let off gas to get it to do that . Speeded up and would not go into overdrive . Looked up at dash and my tow /haul light was not on. Pushed the button to turn it on and nothing. Light wont Come on . Will double check that Again tomorrow. Went back home after prob a 1 1/3 mile drive . No check engine light but grabbed the laptop anyway and checked for codes and nothing . What could possibly be wrong now lol . Is it something in the tow hail or another solenoid?
  3. Ok I replaced my 2-3 shift solenoid and now it shifts just fine from 1 to 2 and has a hesitation going into 3, you have to let off the gas for a second ( acts like clutch is gone ) but once you let off it shifts into 3 just fine but still won’t go into drive or overdrive ?
  4. Just went out to mess with it again, I am having a hard time getting it into park and into 1st . I can get it there after several tries by shifting it several times one way or the other ? I can understand not getting it into one or the other , would need adjustment but how would I adjust to get it to go farther both ways ??
  5. Hi I have a high mileage 2000 Silverado , broke the shift cable so I replaced it yesterday . I have it adjusted so it goes into all the gears, but here is the kicker. When I go to drive it it won’t shift out of 2nd gear . If I drop it to 1 and manually shift to 2 then 3 then drive , at 3 and drive it acts like it’s in neutral and I have to shift back down to 2. But if I stop and put it into drive it will take off and run fine except it won’t go past 2nd gear. What the hell has happened lol
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