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  1. Hello all, I have a PIAA 4080 Quattro kit I used on my former 2006 silverado. Worked perfectly for years until removed a few months ago when I sold the truck. Everything from the original kit is for sale. I had to cut one or two of the wires for installation and also for removal. I do not have the original box nor instructions but I assume you could get them from internet or PIAA. They still have road dirt on them as I didn't spend half an hour cleaning them just to sell them. Looking to get $100 shipped or best offer, these are really good lights and need to get used by someone. PM or email me if interested. Will be listing on ebay if nobody interested.
  2. YEa I think that every time I talk myself into spending money on a diagnostic at GM locations, but it seems that of all the issues I have hed, the knowledge possessed on this forum and my own research always wins out. It has never failed. Gotta love our forum members!
  3. As it turns out i was correct in my assumption based on the symptoms and signs of the problem, and hoping the dealership would have a magical code reader to find special codes I never found was a waste of time and money. They offered no help to diagnose the issue and no codes were given. Better safe than sorry, but nothing was gained from the shop. I fixed it on my own. Here's the summary: They inspected and told me my transfer case was the problem, to the tune of $2000 to replace. I of course thought that was BS as usual and decided to go ahead and replace the encoder motor sensor. I followed the instructions here at fullsizechevy.com Great write up with a guy that had same issue I had. Fixed the problem.
  4. Someone needs to clarify what type of advanced scanner you all are referring to. As of the OBD scanner you can plug in at Autozone and search everything for codes, I don't know where else to go without paying for a diagnostic charge. In that case, I would not be asking you all for help. So, if there is something out there that I don't know about please tell me so I can get you the codes that aren't there with the OBD II. Otherwise I just have to take it to chevy and let them figure it out.
  5. I hope you are not saying that simply because there are no codes. I don't jump to the conclusion that the case needs to be pulled when it is most likely the transfer case motor or the sensor inside the transfer case motor. Based on the analysis I have done and research on the web it is one of these two issues. I was hoping there was a specific way to test the sensor or the motor's sensor since there is no codes. Anyone know how?
  6. There are no codes. I do not know what else to tell you all, the information I gave you is all there is. If codes are needed then we are out of luck.
  7. It turned out that the actual clunking sound was the spring pack. Eventually the clunk went away on its own.
  8. This was scary/ nuts. I was moving to VA last week. during the tropical storm ( I brought it with me from FL). I realized i didn't want 4wd auto engaged so i put it in 2wd during the last part of the trip. I drove for maybe 15 minutes and all of a sudden I heard a loud clunk and my trannny completely disengaged with no gears engageable. Pulled over, pushed the auto 4wd button and everything went back to normal. Followed up afterwards with just trying to drive with 2wd button engaged and it pops out of gear again without a trailer. In addition, I cannot engage 4wd Low at all, It just bangs three times and returns to either 4 High or 2 High. Summary: drives fine with 4wdAuto button , but cannot drive with 2wd, 4 hi, and does not even engage 4wd Low. Can someone point me in the correct direction of what to replace? I don't know if I have to buy the whole transfer case motot or if its just the actuator sensor inside. Please Help this sucks.
  9. I have the same problem on my 2006 Sierra. I was searching for some help when I came accross your question, hoping you had an answer. Did you get yours fixed? I have no found out what it is. still there, same as before. I had the axle bearings replaced and the c-clips too. was a waste of money and time. didn't fix it. I don't know what to do.
  10. I got this clunk noise starting in my right rear wheel/axle area. If I shake the truck side to side by grabbing the bed, and get it going good, you can hear very loudly the clunk sound right at the right wheel. I know some play is allowed, and after jacking up the rear and checking it out, it does move more than the right side does unloaded. I guess I need to know what I should do next, cause obviously it seems that either my C-Clip is worn out or my axle bearings are worn out. Any suggestions as to how to go about repairing either of them?
  11. I was referring to this one. I know it was a stretch, but I was implying I would call and tell her you are her biggest fan, and that you want her picture signed.
  12. leave me alone or I'll call up Hillary and tell her my name is Tyler.
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