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  1. Today we're running this story: https://www.gm-trucks.com/what-is-this-mystery-chevy-crossover-prototype/ About a new Chevrolet prototype we've captured in photos. But the question remains... what is this thing? Here are the photos we have.. anyone have any ideas or clues?
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  4. Last night we upgraded the forum software suite. Thanks for being patient. All of the bugs you guys have experienced over the last few months should be ironed out. Please let me know if you have any issues.
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  6. Sorry everyone. We had a couple hundred spammers register last night. Not sure why the anti-spam system didn't catch them. Our sincerest apologies. We are working to clean up the mess and remove all of the messages right now.
  7. No, warranty starts at the day and mileage on day of delivery at the dealer for a new vehicle.
  8. Anyone else mounted BFGoodrich KO2's on their Silverado? We just had these delivered yesterday. 50% of our dual rubber strategy. KO2's for winter/off-road and something else on our Chevrolet Performance 22's for the summer and highway. We stayed with the stock sizing the 20's. 275/60/R20 We LOVED the KO2's on our 2011 Sierra. It made the truck look so mean. I'll post after photos in a few weeks when we get them mounted!
  9. I've finally assembled all of the tools I'm going to need. Now I just have to find a day to do it. Axle Nut socket, new electric impact gun, a dead blow hammer, and a swivel impact socket for the bearings.
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  12. Yes, minimum 20" wheels. Makes using the 17" spare a little harder if you get a flat on the front wheels. They recommend only putting the spare on a rear wheel after the upgrade.
  13. No, that's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! You have to take off the axle nut first, then the bearing bolts to get to the dust shield. Thanks everyone, this is super helpful.
  14. I'm about to install the Chevy Performance Brembo Brake Upgrade on our Silverado. Has anyone else installed this kit? Anyone thinking about it? At first glance, it seems pretty straightforward. After reading the manual, however, I'm realizing I need to take the front wheel bearings off to access the dust shield. Other than that, it seems to be a easy rotor/caliper replacement. Big thanks to @RyanbabZ71 for recommending a great brake bleeding tool! The front set is a true six-piston caliper. The rear calipers are stock calipers painted red to match the fronts. The size increase on the front rotors is significant. I'm gathering the tools I'll need right now. Hopefully I can tear into it next week. I expect the entire process to take me at least a whole day and maybe two days depending on how it goes. Why so long? I'll be photographing and taking video of the entire process. Can't wait to share that with you all. Check back in this thread for progress updates.
  15. Thanks! Sounds about right for the bolts that hold the bearing on. I appreciate your help. That would be so helpful! Thank you very much for checking!
  16. So, we're about to tear into our 2019 Silverado 4WD and install the Chevrolet Performance Brembo Brake package. I thought it would be a pretty standard process. Take the old caliper/rotor off and replace them. However, that's not the case. There's an included dust sheild that need to be installed behind the wheel bearing on the front wheels. I guess I'll need to remove the bearing retaining nut and pull the bearing. So, two questions: 1- What size socket will I need to remove the front wheel bearing on my Silverado? 2- Should I rent a bearing puller or can I get the bearing out with basic tools? Thanks everyone! Obligatory Brembo Brake Package photo..
  17. We installed the #ChevroletPerformance intake and exhaust on our 2019 Chevy Silverado Here's the link to our written review. The video we shot to go with it is embedded into this post below it. Enjoy! https://www.gm-trucks.com/full-throttle-review-chevrolet-performance-intake-exhaust-installed/
  18. Our 2019 6.2L's auto stop isn't working for the second time. The first time our dealer replaced the battery and the auto stop worked well for a few months. Then at some point in the last few weeks it decided to stop working again. We have a device plugged into the 12v outlet, so i'm curious if that may be the problem. I'm going to unplug it and see if anything changes. I'll also be looking at the voltage levels to see if it's high or normal.
  19. Still trying to figure out if we want to go stock sizing or a little bigger. I was not aware of the available reprogram. What does it change? Speedo?
  20. We're in process of doing some big upgrades for the GM-Trucks.com Silverado. Next week we're going to publish our review of the Chevrolet Performance intake and exhaust. After that we've got the Brembo brakes and Trail Boss lift we're going to install. Along the way, we're going to slap these bad boys on. These are just one of the styles of Chevy Performance 22-inch wheels you can get at your dealer. What do you guys/gals think? Has anyone else gotten a new set of Chevy aftermarket rims on their Silverado or Sierra? What did you think of them? Any issues? Anything we should know about? Hopefully we'll have these mounted in about a month.
  21. That's good to hear. You're welcome. We are fairly stressed out about this and working on figuring this out to the best of our ability.
  22. Thanks for letting me know. Not good, not cool. Not what we want.
  23. Hi everyone, we just became aware of this thread. We take these issues seriously as this website is our pride and joy... and would never serve shady ads on purpose. We recently switched to a new ad serving company and we're working out the issues. We're bringing this to their attention and hope to have the ad bugs worked out asap. Our apologies.
  24. We recently implemented a new ad serving network and have been having some issues. We are working on it. My apologies.
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