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  1. In case you want to double check its under Settings/Vehicle/Trailering/Side trailer camera good luck
  2. I've had that message pop up when I open my tailgate with trailer connected . After i clear message all is ok . Maybe a connection near tailgate/spare tire?
  3. I'll check where the setting is when I get my truck back from the dealer for water leak repair.
  4. I wired in led brake and tail bulbs to simulate a trailer hook up and plugged them into a curt 55384 4 pin adaptor. You also have to enable the feature in the settings.
  5. i wired in some led lights for turn and brake to simulate a trailer being hooked up . It thinks you have a trailer and then turn signals activate camera no need to push tow/haul button
  6. Works on my 2020 Silverado with a curt 55384 adaptor
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