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  1. ok, I studied the system. when the trailer brakes are actuated by the breakaway switch, the power comes from the on-board trailer batteries (group 27 rv type battery). It apparently back fed the power surge into the controller above the spare tire & fried that. ended up changing that and both 30 amp fuses, for the brake feed & the 12 from the truck to the trailer battery. I purchased a Foxwell NT510 GM scanner and was able to read all the codes & could see the exact sequence of events that fried the controller, actually pretty interesting. After the controller was changed it still gave me a CCM code for lost communication & the fuse was the culprit. When I was on the road trying to fix it with nothing, I had swapped fuses with the trailer battery fuse and apparently that was blown too. Great code scanner, I want to find resource to read more about how the onboard systems work, Guess that is just the nerd in me coming out! Will make sure I have the tools & spare parts on hand before I head out on a road trip again.
  2. Last week, I tripped my breakaway switch and locked up the trailer brakes when I made a tight turn & the cable hung up. I reset the switch & the brakes released but now I have no trailer brakes & I get the service trailer brake system error. Anyone have an idea? Warning, I read about a guy that had a DOT/DMV check pull the switch to test the system. It blew his electronic controller. Be sure to un-hook the trailer plug from the truck before letting them test the system.
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