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  1. Mine was fixed when they replaced the front “eye”/sensor in front of rear view mirror. Worked since.
  2. I’m educated and informed so thanks and appreciate everyone’s help, but it is their job to fix it. It’s only time I have to spend. I’ll take it back until they get it right if I have to. If it’s fixed then I’m happy. Hopefully it’s not a consistent Chevy problem or I’ll cut my losses inside 5k if I have to
  3. Dealership visit happened yesterday and they replaced the “camera/cornea” and all was resolved. Was a faulty eye and part was overnighted and replaced. Took 10 hrs but the issue is fixed. Are any of you under warranty still?
  4. Just left dealer and they said it was “cornea”/camera and are trying to figure out part number to replace and then order. Hope this is the fix
  5. Same issue with my 2022 Trail Boss as well. Auto stop quit working first then front collision alert/adaptive cruise/lane assist. Have service appt on Monday. Pulling fuse resolved issue temporarily? Thanks for the advice
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