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  1. So I swapped the exhaust manifold gaskets with also a new set of arp bolts and STILL making the sound..
  2. You know what, I checked again just earlier today and I found apparently a leak under the manifold that's why I couldn't see it. As soon I get my arp manifolds bolts I'll install the new bolts and I'll update if it works
  3. I already checked for exhaust black spots around the manifold and they all look good. The sound it's pretty noticeable behind intake. Lower side
  4. Old thread I know. But you found out the issue? I did a 5.3 L83 to my 2003 silverado and it has the same exact sound but in the back of manifold.
  5. I got a video but is not letting me upload it. Has anyone ever had this problem and found out the issue? I will post a link of a random YouTube video with the identical sound my engine have. Its an L83 BUT on a 2003 silverado. Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks! https://youtube.com/shorts/JXXCZTfpQV8?feature=share
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