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  1. Okay, it works! Thanks for the pointers. I went and bought a 40A fuse this morning and replaced the dummy labeled "B+" with it. Note that my brake controller has always worked fine without doing this, so this fuse has nothing to do with that. The only noticeable change is that the red power line on the trailer connector is now hot. BTW, the label for that fuse position is just as useless as "B+" and the wording that I quoted from the owner's manual. Nothing anywhere on the vehicle indicates that this would be the position for trailer power. Anyway, thanks for the help. Hopefully this thread will help someone in the future.
  2. Thanks for the help guys. There is a dummy fuse in the engine compartment power box, it says B+. I'll try to pick up a fuse like that tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks. The manual doesn't say what to do with the fuse. All it says is "This harness is for an electric brake controller and includes a trailer battery feed fuse. It should be installed by your dealer or a qualified service center." Gee thanks, GM, for the help!
  3. I bought my Suburban used, and I've finally realized that it's not charging my trailer battery like my old Ford did. I read in the owners manual that the truck should have come with a trailer brake controller harness and a "trailer battery feed fuse" which will enable the feed line in the 7-pin harness. I searched the net and found other references to this fuse, but no specifics about it. My used truck came with the brake controller harness, but there was no fuse with it. Can someone tell me what size fuse this is, and exactly where it should go? It's an '04 Suburban 2500 with the 8.1L. Thanks!
  4. I'm in exactly the same boat. I have done the research, and the answer is absolutely, you can just unbolt your buckets and bolt in the 60/40 bench pieces. Tahoe/Yukon seats won't work, but Suburban or Yukon XL seats will. Everything from '03-'06 is identical to your '04. The trick is in finding those parts. There is an ebay seller who often has these seats, but unfortunately does not have the seats I need (tan leather). But if you need something else, he might have it, check him out, here's a link. If there's anyone in the SF Bay Area with an '03-'06 Suburban or Yukon XL with tan leather 2nd-row 60/40 bench who would like buckets instead, I'll pay you $200 to do the swap.
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