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    2016 Chevy Silverado LTZ Crew Cab
  1. I might also be interested if willing to ship
  2. A '16 Sierra with only 25,000 miles on it should be worth at least $30k on trade, maybe even $33k. That's what Kelly Blue Book says
  3. Heated steering wheel

    It's a pretty simple install with the video as a guide. Did it on my '16.....just make sure you disconnect your battery and let sit for 10 min or so before you try to remove airbag
  4. Heated steering wheel

    From experience, it's not impossible but is kinda a PITA to run that wire between the fuse block and the block underneath the steering column
  5. My first thought on the commercial was what in the heck do those 20/30 somethings do to afford that house and $130k+ in new vehicles
  6. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    Is there one light that works better than others in this behind-the-grille application? Anyone else done this with pics with an LTZ honeycomb grille?
  7. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    Any good solutions for installing an LED bar behind an LTZ style grille? Probably not.
  8. Clear coat peeling off?
  9. Denali cluster in SLT

    I am still under warranty......will dealership void warranty because of this cluster swap?
  10. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2018/11/26/gm-general-motors-plant-closures-job-cuts/2113275002/ Being discontinued are: Chevrolet Cruze Impala Volt Buick LaCrosse Cadillac CT6 XTS
  11. Looks like these Silverados will have the wheel well/fender trim that the Sierras have had for some time now.
  12. Haven't read through all 39 pages, but in summary if you have an engine tick, this boot is first place to look? I have a 16 LTZ that has a tick that I just assumed was "normal".
  13. The "Catch Can" Explained

    That's what I did cause at the time I didn't know where to find the connectors

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