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  1. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/gm-merger-with-ford-looks-more-likely-2019-05-28
  2. Heated steering wheel

    It is. I've Ran that little jumper wire, it can be done but it is a PITA
  3. FS: K2XX: 8” Screen, 2.5 HMI, Radio

    I have a 16 w/out Nav......anyone find the included Nav worth it?
  4. Heated steering wheel

    What's the rationale behind changing the connector?
  5. Heated steering wheel

    Just FYI....on my 2016, I had the fuse in place, but the connector was not live. I was missing a connection between the two blocks and had to run a wire. Yours may be hot....but it really seems to be hit or miss. My truck is an LTZ with heated/cooled leather, memory seats, almost every option other then sensors and sunroof and my connector was not hot.
  6. I've had the Access covers on my '03 Silverado, '09 GMC and now my '16 Silverado. Never have had an issue.
  7. Those mirrors have turn signals in them too?
  8. 2017 Sierra

    Check out this thread: Heated steering can be added fairly easily. You'll need to source a heated wheel and a new clock spring, both of which are pretty easy to swap out. The issue is whether or not you have an active wiring harness under the steering column that is active or not to run heat to the clock spring/wheel. It seems like it's hit-or-miss on whether or not the connector is active or not. If it is, then you've got an easy install. If it's not, it is still a pretty easy install but you'll have an extra step of adding a small wiring harness that is available via @pgamboa Your airbag will remain functional (you'll swap it to the new heated wheel), and there is no programming necessary. Like I said above though, you do need a different clock spring though, along with the wheel.
  9. This seems like a really nice setup. Wonder if the other manufactures will go this route instead of the CSS in the oil fill cap?
  10. By far my most favorite and most used mod was adding a heated steering wheel.
  11. Here is mine. I believe it is Victory Red
  12. I might also be interested if willing to ship
  13. A '16 Sierra with only 25,000 miles on it should be worth at least $30k on trade, maybe even $33k. That's what Kelly Blue Book says
  14. Heated steering wheel

    It's a pretty simple install with the video as a guide. Did it on my '16.....just make sure you disconnect your battery and let sit for 10 min or so before you try to remove airbag

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