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  1. Looking at the ReadyLift 2.5 in. front and 3 in rear blocks for my Silverado. Running stock P275/55R20 wheels. Anything I should know or be concerned of with that setup as a novice in the lift/level world?
  2. I know I could do the On Star data plan or a plan thru a carrier (I had a trial when I bought the truck). But it seems others can link their radios to home networks or hot spots. I cannot
  3. Interesting. So my truck already has bluetooth. @pgamboa any thoughts?
  4. I have a 2016 LTZ and my radio has Android Auto/Apple Carplay. I do not have any option to connect to any WiFi or mobile hotspot. Was this only available in 2017+ or how would I enable for my '16?
  5. I have fire red and they show up well too on it. Mine is a 2016 with 44k miles....probably SOL on any kind of warranty coverage aren't I?
  6. Year and mileage on your truck? I just washed mine yesterday and the amount of small little chips along the front and sides of my truck is ridiculous and it's drive almost exclusively highway only.
  7. So there is a newer style pump? If so, is it hard to change out?
  8. Scheduled my truck for the reprogram. Dealer says should take no more than an hour. (Mostly because they will also perform their multi point inspection at the same time)
  9. Agree. @GTPprix is great to work with, as is @pgamboa Easy, beautiful mod
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