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  1. I'm surprised a check engine light didn't come on with that disconnected.
  2. I have one of those LTZ trucks with memory seats but no adjustable pedals. I'd actually rather have pedals vs seats
  3. I've never had any OnStar report notify me of my Range device plugged into my '16 Silverado.
  4. My problem reading oil is that the 0w-20 stuff is so thin that I often times have a hard time reading it on the dipstick. I usually have to hold the stick up against a white background (paper, towel, etc) to see where the oil is at on the stick. Especially with new fresh oil.
  5. The Lorado runs about $475-$500, but I found this one off eBay from a dealer that had acquired a bunch of these that had damaged boxes, but the contents were just fine.....sold to me for $350. It is very taut and there are three or four rails that span across the bed that sit on top of the rails. I'll snap a pic of the inside later this afternoon. Edit: Here are some grainy pics of the inside of the Lorado install:
  6. Premium cost me $600 even. The basic Line-X was $475.
  7. Had the bed coated with Line-X Premium today. Turned out great.
  8. My '09 Sierra suffered from the common rusting of the wheel wells from the inside out. I did not do a very good job of keeping the area clean. Now with my '16 Silverado, I am wondering what is the best way to prevent the same thing from happening. On the '09, I think you could remove the taillights and had access to shoot water and clean out the inner wheel wells. Is the same true on the current body style, or what works best?
  9. I've had the Lorado on three different trucks now, love it.

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