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  1. My cats where recently replaced. Could the pre-cat be causing this?
  2. I have not had a full diagnostic done. I have a ScanGauge that does give me some freeze frame info but I have no skills to interrupt them. Since this is my work van...if it is not moving I'm not making any money. Kinda hard to leave it for a day or so.
  3. 2003 Savana 5.3 2500 (6-lug) OK, I'm getting the P0158 every 50-100 miles. The paperwork says it is the after cat passenger O2 sensor. OK. Now the hard part...what is the correct part number I should use? I go to RockAuto and they list 25+ part numbers. I want the ACdelco part but even THAT has multiple options. The actual part number on the actual sensor does not support the the numbers offered at RockAuto. WTH ??? Somewhere I read it is best to replace the before and after cat O2s at the same time. Any guidance to part number selection would be great.
  4. I replaced the PS hoses. No change. It actually was the hydraboost.
  5. Data dropping out

    Not sure what I'm looking at........ Did you find an answer?
  6. So.... What did you finally find? Or just traded it and moved on? I get about 72,000 out of my tires with zero rotation-n-balance.
  7. BlackBear Tune ideas...

    I did a Black Bear tune 3+ years ago on my 03 with 5.3 in a 2500 with 6-lugs. I deliver bottled water so I travel with the extremes of way over weight to empty, He was in my part of the country and was doing real-time live tuning as I was driving and he was plugged into the 'puter. I wasn't looking for performance. He lowered the RPM as to the point where the fuel injectors stay off longer at closed throttle. He also lowered the trans shifts points at part throttle. He increased the trans line pressure a bit. Can I say I noticed any real world difference? Not sure. Can I say I noticed any mental good feelings differences? Yes. He also mentioned that I had a lower intake leak, based on his 'puter readings. He was right. Would I do it again? Yes. Have I ever read/heard a negative comment about him? Never.
  8. So. what method did you use? As to being "dead" I haven't been since last year. I've just not had a lot of issues to ask about. Nor have I had the time to while I juggle 3 jobs. I've got an 03 with 374,000 miles and all original.
  9. Do you remember the CastCrap head number that failed?
  10. Not necessary. The bad heads problem usually does not cause the telltale sign because it is slow enough leak to evaporate in the crankcase. But an oil analysis will find it. At least on my 5.3 it did.
  11. New motor or rebuild?

    I've got 345,000 on my 03. As to a replacement, I found on the Internet, a rebuilt long block with 4 years / 1,000,000 mile warranty. http://www.powertrainproducts.net/default.asp Me, I'd probably trust a Goodwrench engine. But then, it all depends on the the condition of the transmission and body as to what path I would take. Some people swear by $900 pulled engines.
  12. The 5.3 had coolant leak thru the head into the crankcase. Don't know if the 4.8 have the same problem.
  13. Engine losing oil

    My 03 5.3 with 345,000 miles (555,223.68KM) uses oil. I check the oil level after so many fuel ups. When it is 1/2 quart down I add 1/2 quart. This way, in case I forget to check it should be no more than a quart down. I also use the trip-o-meter as a guide as well. I fill up about 3-4 times a week so I pretty much have a handle on it. I use Rotella T5 which is not available everywhere so that is why I keep a bottle with me at all times.
  14. Getting low on PS fluid. Noticed wet area under hydroboost. Guessing it is the hoses. Chance of it being the hydroboost? Any tips of the hoses change out? Replace both and play safe? AcDelco or Gates or ??? Got 342,000 miles on my 2003 2500 (7300) Thanks............
  15. CDFixer There was 25+ gallons of fuel and I had nowhere to put it. I'm getting older and my belt seems to be keeping up as well, so I don't fit as well as I did. The last one I dropped was the Lumina. That had some plastic tubing fittings that I could touch but not see. Of course those were the ones that would not come apart. Thus some unorthodox repairs were needed. PITA it was. As to the gasket, the original was very sloppy fit to the pump. The new would not interchange nor the old to the new. After awhile I lost track and just was head-strong to get the ring on. I bought that pump off Ebay many many moons ago and did the best I could researching the part number. It was a GM pump. My next mission is to do the knock sensor since it is tossing a code now. Then, maybe I'll dig into the fuel level issue. I've gotten used to used the trip-o-meter as the fuel gauge. As for the flap hold-downs, the last time we moved it took me 10 weeks. Took the wife a week. So yea, I've got STUFF.

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